Features that will meet your demand

Cloud hosted data

Our cloud-hosted database provides a robust and reliable foundation for your app. With data centers in more than five strategic locations around the globe, your app’s database is not only secure but also delivers optimal performance and accessibility. Let’s dive deeper into the benefits of Blazorly’s cloud-hosted database.

Dynamic API Generation

Dynamic API Generation simplifies the development process by automatically creating APIs that mirror your database tables. This innovative feature enables seamless integration between your app and database, allowing you to focus on building your app while Blazorly handles the technical details

Intuitive App Building Experience

Blazorly App Builder offers an intuitive app building experience that streamlines the development process, making it easy for anyone to create custom applications without prior coding experience. The platform’s user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface allows you to effortlessly design components and pages for your app.

Role-Based Security

Role-based permission system provides a powerful and flexible way to secure your data and control user access. By assigning and managing roles, you can ensure that your app’s data is only accessible to authorized users, protecting sensitive information and maintaining compliance with data protection regulations

App deployed on egde

We leverages edge network deployment to deliver blazing-fast user experiences and low latency for your app. By deploying your app across more than 200 data centers around the globe, Blazorly ensures exceptional performance and minimal response times for users, regardless of their location.